Thursday, October 9, 2008

Double Trouble

A couple of weeks ago, Brody's cousin Taft was able to come and stay over night. Brody could barely contain himself all day. We had to go to WalMart and everything that we purchased, Brody wanted to get one for Taft. We were buying paper towels and Brody wanted two, one for him and one for Taft. A can of Pringles for each of them, hairspray for each of them. He could barely even handle himself. It was very cute. He stood on the porch and waited and waited and waited. Finally, he arrived. They had so much fun. I hosted Bunko that night, so "Uncle Rick" had to take over and they had lots of fun. Playing basketball and cars and watching Cars. In fact it was non-stop fun until 10:30. That would be 10:30 PM. I finally had to go in and tell them to go to sleep. Taft was such a good sport because I think he honestly wanted to go to bed and Brody just wanted to be his best bud. They started out in separate beds, but Brody just couldn't stay away.
The next morning they were still conked out, so I did a quick exercise routine and started on my last (it really is this time) batch of salsa for the season. I had some tomatoes coming from Utah and the first batch wasn't going to last us long enough, so I was downstairs canning. A friend came over and we started visiting and I could hear they were awake upstairs, but was a little too busy. After Janine left, I was just about to head upstairs and Brody comes down and says, "Sorry, mom. Messy." Well, it kind of serves me right I guess to leave two little two-year-old boys to their own devices and it really was messy. Everything off the shelves, out of the closet, out of the dresser was in a big pile in Brody's room. (sigh)
We got it cleaned up and got them cleaned up and boy are they handsome. Brody insisted on the Halloween shirts so they could be twins.
Ahh, little worn out boys. I love it!!!
After a nap it was Playdo and puzzles and then "Uncle Brett" came to get little Taft. He stuck around for a while and then treated us to an ice cream at Sonic. When it was time for us to go, them in their car and us in ours, it was almost a tragedy. Brody was so sad and cried the whole way home for his Cousin Taft. I sure hope that these two boys stay long time friends. I was never really close to any of my cousins and I know that good friends are important. These two boys, I'm sure, will grow to be good friends and good examples to one another. I sure had a fun and exhausting time and I think they did too.