Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!


This is my favorite time of year. This year we picked pumpkins in our own garden. We haven't been so lucky with pumpkins in the past, but this year we had nine grow! It was fabulous! Grandpa was here for two weeks and he and Brody worked so hard on this fun "haunted" gingerbread house.

Our Party was a success. By my count we had 97 people here and I'm sure I missed some. It was a blast. It was fun to see Brody help decorate and get ready. He kept saying "I'm so sited everyone's coming to Dad's party. **cough** I wonder how it all of the sudden became Dad's party!!! Brody was a little bugged at my costume. He chose the theme this year..... Transformers. He was disgusted at the fact that I was a pink robot. He said there is no such thing. I told him there sure was. Her name is "mama-tron" He didn't like it.

We ended the season with "trunk or treat" last night and then it all gets cleaned up tomorrow. It's all worth it to hear a little boy call me Awesome! Even if the party is Daddy's!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Too little time in the day.....

My little Scout!!

My working boys!

Old friends!

Even older friends!

Some of my best friends!
First ride on an airplane!
Little swimmer!!

My sister is in Afghanistan right now and the latest email I got from her asked me if I was really only going to post one entry to my blog for the year 2010. So........ here I am, guilt-ridden by family. I know I am really not the best blogger, but only one post so far for 2010 is pretty pathetic, especially when you see the previous post and their are pumpkins being carved in it and that is exactly the time of year we are in right now.
Life has been extremely crazy this year and the purpose of this post is not to try to catch you up on every little thing that has been going on. We are busy, but I promise to be a little better with my blog. This year has been full of so many ups and downs. I believe we are now feeling like we are right in the middle of an "up." We are very blessed. Rick is teaching full time for an expeditionary learning school as well as continuing to teach at the college. I'm staying busy with my job and love being Brody's mom. This summer was tough for us, as we had planned to add another child to our family. It was not a fun experience, but we've been through it a lot of times, and we have grown from the experience. You think it would get easier, but it doesn't. Especially when you have a little boy who wants a baby brother AND a sister. We are now in the middle of exploring other infertility options and feel very blessed by those around us who listen to the promptings of the spirit. We know the Lord is aware of us and our desires. We look forward to what's ahead of us and will keep you all promises ;)