Sunday, September 21, 2008


This is about how well we're doing!!

Cars, Cars, Cars

Brody's new obsession is Disney Cars. He watches it every day now and would probably watch it all day if I let him. So, when our Ward had an activity where we were to make a race car out of a cardboard box, we just had to participate. We had to have a sponsor that was from the scriptures and because Brody did such a great job painting it, using all the colors we had, we went with Joseph's Coats of Color. Our license plate said MNYKLRS for many colors and we had a great time. Just check out Brody's "paint" pants, as he calls them -- I got them as a shower gift for him when he was born and have been waiting for him to wear them. Straight out of "Can't touch this" Great!!

It was such a great activity and they even had the moms and dads race. It was great and Brody couldn't stop talking about it for days.

Monsoon Season

We have had such a great monsoon season this year. I had just had to show you some great pictures that Rick took from our back porch of our last storm a couple weeks ago.

I Think I'm Done!!

Well, I believe the canning is over for me for the year. About 20 jars of pickles, dill and sweet; 10 jars of peaches; 30 jars of jam; and finally 25 jars of salsa. I have had so much fun learning how to can this year. I kind of feel like a real Mormon :) It has been fun to grow things and to can them and to look back at the shelves in my pantry and think, "Wow. I did that." My garden was thoroughly destroyed by the grasshoppers. I couldn't even bear to go out there and look. It just made me sick once they started to come. It made me reflect on the Pioneers, not the Lehi Pioneers, but the real Pioneers (he he). For us our garden has been just a supplement to what we purchase at the store, but for them it was everything. I was tempted to pray for seaguls. Here's to the last canning of the season.