Monday, June 22, 2009

Life Is Busy

I'm not going to even get started with the excuses, only to say that my life went from pretty slow to pretty darn fast paced. The last few months have been super crazy. The main thing has been cub scouts. I've been working in our scouting district for the Prescott area and have been putting together our cub scout day camp. I'm a den leader in our pack, but this was day camp for the entire district. All in all we had 155 kids. It was crazy and it is over and now I'm catching up on life, all the things that I've neglected, and in Amie's words, "like updating your blog?" and my house work, laundry, yard work, etc., etc. And so ,yes, here is what the Mangums have been up to for the last little while.

That AA -- that's me. Three strikes in a row baby!

We had these great plans to go camping and Brody was so excited. Forecast says...... rain, rain, rain. So we just camped out in our front room.

Brody and his daddy "The Easter Bunny."

Happy Birtday to me!!! Isn't this gorgeous? Rick made this gardening hutch for me to put on my porch for potting and seeds and this love I have found for gardening. I love it! Rick told Brody it was a "Poko" so that the surprise wouldn't be ruined. Rick is so talented. Unfortunately while moving it, it dropped on my foot and did this. Ouch!!

Did you know you could get a goose egg on your foot? Sheesh.

Family Home Evening!!

At the Scout-A-Rama!! I am biased I know but this kid is a lady killer!!

Okay -- so I am so proud of this next picture. For a while now I've been doing the coupon thing and I must say, at least for me, this was great. I got all of this for 79.85. I saved 62%. See that pineapple way in the back. On sale for 1.00. I had a coupon for .50 cents off. They doubled the coupon and so I paid nothing -- for a pineapple. There's 10 boxes of cereal there. Household cleaner. Give me any ideas you have on this concept because I'm addicted to coupons!!
Dick and Carole got their mission call to Austria and have entered the MTC. They leave for Germany on Wednesday and I'm a little surprised at myself at how emotional I have been over them leaving. I am really going to miss them and love them very much. They are great people and will make great missionairies.
These are my kids -- my pack-- and I love them. All the endless hours for day camp, this is what it's all about. My boys.

Last but not least, Happy Father's Day to my crazy husband who I love more than anything. 143 Ricky!